How To Pick The Length That Will Be Right For You

Hair Extension Lengths

Picking the correct length for yourself when it comes to any extensions can seem tricky and daunting but we are here to help you pick the right item and the most natural looking length for yourself!

There are a few factors to consider when making this decision, those being the natural length of your own hair, your desired look and style as well as you height! Just follow a few simple tips and you will have your desired look!

Picking Volume

When picking for added volume and body you want to consider going about 2 inches longer than your own natural length. The reason for this is to thicken up your own ends enough to make a noticeable difference. If your hair is around 10” and you pick the exact same length you may not receive the desired amount of fullness in your ends to feel like it looks very different. Thicker and fuller ends make your hair look longer and healthier. You can even take the set to get trimmed to be the exact thickness that you desire.

Picking Length

How tall are you? Your height makes a BIG difference when picking your hair length – if you are 5’0” or you are 5’10” the same length will look completely different. On someone that is shorter the same length will look significantly longer than on someone that is taller. Your extension pieces will rest roughly 4” below your hair part. A simple thing to do when picking length is to take a measuring tape and measure from this point. This will give you a great idea of where your extensions would fall for length.

Most clients will be able to use just 1 set to create a natural and blended look. IF your hair is thick and short you may want to consider getting a second set in order to create your desired look.

Extensions are all about looking as natural as possible – always keep in mind the shorter and thicker your own hair is the MORE extension pieces you will need to make your length look full and natural especially if you are going to the more extreme lengths!