Hair Extensions Tips to Beat the HEAT!

summer hair extensions

With summer approaching and everyone wanting to look their very best with extensions we want to give some tips on how to beat the summer heat while wearing your favorite long tresses!

Things that can have a major impact on your extensions include can include major use, both dry and humid heat as well as salt water and chlorine for those favorite beat the heat activities we love to do!

Here are a few things to avoid:

1. Swimming or getting your clip ins wet!

While everyone should have fun this summer, your clip in extensions do not agree with your want to be a mermaid! Not only can this damage your hair but salt water or chlorine can damage your extensions especially with prolonged use! Whenever going near the water be sure to not get your clip in extensions involved!

Pools with a lot of chlorine can not only cause major tangling and matting on your clip in set but it can also change the color of your extensions, especially the blonde colors. Sometimes this damage is beyond repair, so always be cautious and careful to not go swimming in pools or hot tubs with your clip ins involved.

If it does happen be sure to IMMEDIATELY wash and deep condition your clip ins in cool water, not hot! The sooner you do it the better. Ladies, the better you take care of your extensions the longer they will last you!

2. Texturizing or Salt Sprays – NO NO!

While we all want that beachy mermaid style locks on the beach and at the pool the way to get it is with your clip in extensions is NOT to do it with salt or texturizing sprays. These sprays have lots of chemicals and alcohol that will dry out your extensions and will not compliment the look or the style. These sprays will cause more matting and tangling and frizz! We do not want this!

IF you want to achieve that beautiful beachy wave with your clips ins you can use a leave in conditioner or leave in conditioner spray. Apply it through your damp extensions and scrunch with your hands or a towel. This will give you the look as well as conditioning and loving your extensions.

Keep in mind, that no matter what you do the better you take care of your clip in extensions the LONGER they will last you! Your extensions do not get any more nourishment like your own hair does so be sure to wash (in cool water) and deep condition your set when it is feeling dry and in need of care. Following these simple tips will save your extensions all summer and right into fall!